Security Systems & Monitoring

Security Systems & Monitoring

It is always advisable to keep a close eye on your home and/or business premises when you are not physically there. These are some of the services we can provide for you to be at ease:


We will do installations of a wide range of CCTV products according to your requirements and budget. The security cameras vary from analog, IP, Wireless, Pan-Tilt-Zoom, covert, thermal and various specialty cameras. Contact us for a better understanding of the type that will be suitable for you.

Alarm systems

Our team will install and maintain a wide range of alarm systems, including perimeter beams.

Electric fence

We cover the full spectrum of electric fencing for the customer's individual needs. Past customers include domestic premises, multi-zone areas, estates, game reserve enclosures and high risk industrial areas. All installations include a Certificate of Compliance.

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