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SecurityRus CCTV Surveillance Systems

We are all about your security. Our core business is installations of alarm systems, automated security gates, electromagnetic doors, electric fences, intercom systems, biometrics systems and any other access control system to your requirements.

Access Control

Access control gives you maximum control over the traffic flow of customers and employees into your business.

CCTV Installations

We offer camera surveillance systems (CCTV) to keep a close eye on your homes and/or business premises.

Gate Automation

We install a wide range of quality electronic gates, sliding gates, swing gates and garage doors.


It is always advisable to keep a close eye on your home and/or business premises when you are not physically there.

Latest Devices

Unbelievable Results

Hardware Never Fails!

Guaranteed Quality – our quality guarantee is rigorously upheld by our three phase quality control testing before products have even hit the shelves. This Method ensures reliable products in the field. All products are covered by our 2 year carry in warranty, unless otherwise stated.

Always Reliable Installation

We will design the optimum positioning of the CCTV cameras, enable remote monitoring so you can view your business or home from even your mobile phone.

Leading by Innovation!

Our products have formed the backbone of security applications throughout the African continent including airports, post offices, shopping malls, stadiums, government buildings and homes.

SecurityRus Security Equipment and Clothing

SecurityRus is a distributor and supplier of security, tactical, safety, outdoor, survival and training related gear, equipment, uniforms and apparel to both the private and government sectors in South Africa and other regions.

Bulletproof Vests

Our Bullet proof vests are customised to fit the requirements of our valued clients from the standard Kevlar Patrol Bullet Proof Vest to the tactical and reaction Officer Bullet Proof Vest.

Security Uniforms

We cater for the security & military industry. Our Range consists not only of clothing but accessories too, from batons, pepper spray, web belts, torches and many more. We do it all.

Self Defense Equipment

The Self-Defence range of products covers performance gear, less lethal equipment and much more. It is clear that with such an array of products in the offering, expect the best in terms of quality.